Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An unimaginable loveliness

There’s a hidden spot on Table Mountain at the bottom of a long green mossy gorge, where a stream tinkles down all year round. At the foot of the gorge it gathers into a pool with big flat rocks all around it.

It is a place of beauty, but at this time of the year, when the red disas sway over the rock pool on their long green stems like dancers on slim legs, it becomes a place of unimaginable loveliness.

Orchid petals shimmer darkly pink in the filtered sun and their reflections on the water are creased by a bee swimming.

Then a dragonfly lands on a stick and a frog on a rock goes plop as it dives into the water.

Disa Gorge called my name.

Disa reflections.

Grass swirls around a red crassula.

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