Macro views of the world

Cape Town rumour: "The tall eulophia orchids are flowering at Kirstenbosch. You'll find them under the palm trees near the otter pond."  So I went, but they were gone, most of them anyway. I think found one bloom, but am not sure. But I found a million other things. Here are some of them.
Sitting on the grass at Kirstenbosch, taking a break from taking photographs, I peeled a clemengold naartjie - and saw this feather dropped by an Egyptian goose. That's what I love about my new macro lens; finding a whole world in something as tiny as a feather and a blade of grass.

Look at those veins and those juicy aloe petals. A sunbird's dream.

Arum lily at dusk.

Eulophia orchid?
Honeysuckle sparkles with sunlight.