Monday, May 16, 2011

Gifts from Cecilia

Winter is beautiful.Tightly packed in our waterproofs, we walked through Cecilia Forest up to the waterfall. It was a mega-rich walk: mist swirling through the trees, orange and yellow leaves twirling and dropping softly to the ground, Cecilia stream fresh and filled with new rainwater.Today's blog is filled with pictures, not words.
Early winter in lace.

Cecilia Waterfall with the mist swirling in the trees above.
As it is.

Rock with elaborate ancient ridge necklace.

This glittering jewel lay next to the path, neatly framed by a curved sprig of dry grass. So perfect.


Lynne said...

so, so beautiful! Thanks for sharing

maninabluebird said...

this is the most,most beautiful story !...thank you...x m x

johnynrockers said...

those are so so so so beautiful pictures. I really loved it. That's adorable.
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